Fire Fabrics Direct sell Smoke and Fire Fabrics online

Fire Fabrics Direct are a new e-Commerce business that manufacture and sell an extensive range of Smoke and Fire Fabrics online.

Fire Fabrics Direct - eCommerce

Smoke and Fire Fabrics are required in an ever increasing range of applications and as stricter Health and Safety laws are impressed on both commercial and domestic properties it is becoming increasingly more important that these laws are adhered to and the correct level of smoke and fire protection is included.

Fire Fabrics Direct sell three smoke and five fire fabrics. The fabrics being sold have all been tested to the relevant British Standards test and have the certificate to prove the test was carried and passed. This level of certification sets Fire Fabrics Direct apart from the competition as often the test BS test has been carried out but the fabric being tested may not have passed the test. It is very important that the fabric being used for both Smoke and Fire protection is satisfactory for the required purpose and it has the test pass certificate to prove it.

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