Fabric Resistance – Temperature vs Time

The graphic below illustrates each fabric’s test results showing how the fire rated fabrics perform in Temperature over Time:

Fire and Smoke Fabric Test Results Chart

The method of testing that our fabrics go through are really an integrity test to push our fabrics to their absolute limit. As you can see from the graph above, all of our fabrics remain intact for one hour where the temperature reaches 600 degrees C. Fabrics such as our FireStoppa reached 4 hours at a temperature of 1000 degrees C.

To ensure the same baseline test is carried out each time for our fabrics, our test facility use the ISO 834-1 Cellulosic Curve. The Cellulosic Curve replicates a real room fire under normal circumstances.

This is the Cellulosic Curve:

Cellulosic Curve

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